• Centre for Drawing Residency 2017

    In April 2017 I was invited by Tania Kovats to be the Artist in Residence at the Centre for Drawing at Wimbledon College of Arts. This gave me the opportunity to reflect on my recent work with Kirill Burlov, particularly the performance we made at Acts Re-Acts, and on the drawings and photographs that I made whilst on my March/April trip to Beijing. Initially I worked alone, collaging and folding photographs and drawing in concertina sketchbooks. This work then acted as a catalyst for the performed drawing Kirill and I created towards the end of my residency. http://centrefordrawing.org.uk/
  • Acts Re-Acts 2017

    Acts Re-Acts, a laboratory of performance, new media, workshops, lectures, discussions, events, interventions, seminars and installations, took place at Wimbledon Space Gallery from 20 February – 17 March 2017. Dancer/Choreographer Kirill Burlov and I were artists-in-residence from 13-17 March. http://events.arts.ac.uk/event/2017/3/3/ACTS-RE-ACTS-4-Performance-Lab-3-March/ http://www.kirillburlov.com/ We spent the week creating THE LINE, an immersive performance, helped by some amazing Wimbledon College of Arts students and practitioners. We experimented with drawing, movement, digital projection, mark-making, gesture and sound and finally, on the 17th March, we performed a 20 minute long show. The gallery was transformed into an extremely dynamic, but thoughtful space. Please find the film of our residency here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cy4qsXJ7m0      
  • Drawing Dance Workshop

    On the 28th April Tania Kovats and I ran a drawing dance workshop in the Wimbledon College of Arts theatre for our students. Tania is the Course Leader for MA Drawing at WCA so her students joined my BA Theatre Design students for an incredibly inspiring day drawing dancers Aaron Vickers, Oxana Panchenko and Kirill Burlov perform. We were also joined by students from MA Painting and MFA. Here is a comment about the day from MFA student Frederic Anderson, I was very pleased to be invited to take part in this workshop. As someone with a background in figure drawing I know what a rare privilege it is to be able to draw from trained contemporary dancers. They have a unique energy and presence and in my experience this translates into drawings with unique qualities.
  • Drawing Akram Khan’s dancers in rehearsal

    These are just a small selection of the drawings I made recently of Akram Khan's dancers in rehearsal for UNTIL THE LIONS which received its world premiere at The Roundhouse on January 12th 2016.
  • The Dolls House

    THE DOLLS HOUSE photos formed the practice element of my final dissertation for my MA Art & Design in Education. This is the statement that accompanies the images.   Despite a production being a collaborative effort, the designer is a very lonely animal  Ralph Koltai There are so many methods that lend themselves to academic research, and yet artists may not feel comfortable without art practice being part of their investigations. In my case this is certainly so, for my practice is embedded in the happy accident, the fortuitous mistake that years of experience and experimentation have taught me to let happen. For me, my symbolic artefact, namely a slightly battered 1960s dolls house, has become the catalyst for productive questioning and, sometimes uncomfortably, contemplation.  I have named it my ‘provocative companion’. It has undoubtedly led me to thoughts and feelings that might not otherwise have emerged. By locating the dolls house in different spaces I have been encouraged, even forced, to consider the parallels between the different spaces in which I work. The performance spaces that exist in both the theatre and hospitals have become my artistic home. And yet, why? The dolls house, situated in isolation or congregated in the photographs, brings about affective responses, even practical insights, often unexpectedly. It is this element of surprise that artistic practice can bring to academic research, exactly as experimentation in all fields should. Please encourage your gaze to wander to and fro across my dolls house photos. What do the images reveal for you?    
  • Dance Drawings

    Drawing performers enables me to understand the body in space and the shape of the performers body under the costume. Without frequent drawing I simply would not have the ingredients I need to fuel ideas. Drawing has always been the process I turn to first to investigate and think through ideas. Encouraging others to do the same reveals all sorts of different understandings. The last image here is of a student of mine drawing with flour and charcoal. This allowed questions about volume, space and scale to emerge.