I just had to post this WEB image. What extraordinarily clever weavers spiders are!





Fairground drawings

Today I have been creating some fairground style images for a painting commission. Memories of my design work on Daisy and Tom surface as I paint. See Interiors and Events in my website menu for more about Daisy and Tom.



Connie and I are plotting all sorts of stories in amongst the flowers and veg on our plot. Her favourite place to sit to hear and tell stories is her willow den. When she was born five years ago I planted a circle of willow cuttings and as they have grown I have woven them together to create a fantastic horticultural installation (den) on my plot.






A new website

20th July 2012

On a recent recce for a possible installation commission I took these photos. I was fascinated by the sense of lives lived in this extraordinary place and for me these photos suggest the trace and imprint of human touch. Also couldn’t resist one of the summer flowers.